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Do you dream of turning your passion into a thriving business and achieving financial independence?

Feeling overwhelmed by the startup process? You’re not alone. Many women struggle to find the knowledge, mentorship, and support they need to launch and thrive. The early stages are especially challenging, with a high chance of giving up.

Here’s where we come in! We understand the unique challenges women face as entrepreneurs. That’s why we’ve created a collaborative support program designed to empower you with the knowledge, encouragement, and community you need to succeed.

Join our free online business growth hub dedicated to help you

Here’s how it works:

Join a supportive group of 8 women: Collaborate on a dedicated WhatsApp platform, share knowledge and maintain a positive, motivating environment.
Master essential startup skills: Gain access to 6 essential certifications tailored for launching your business.
Benefit from experienced mentors: Learn from a network of over 100 successful women entrepreneurs who are happy to guide you.

Are you ready to take the first step towards fulfilling your entrepreneurial dream?

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DR Logeswari Nallathambi tr
Founder: Dr Logeswari Nallathambi

Our Mission

There’s a wealth of untapped talent among women, held back by the demands of family and regular jobs. This is reflected in the UK’s low number of women-owned businesses (around 25-30%). But how can we bridge this gap and unlock the potential of women entrepreneurs?

Our mission is to help women at home to earn even a small amount, let us say £500/month and if they  can achieve £500000, well done to them….. Under-privileged women, Retired women, Women who struggle with work-life balance and any women with a business potential skill can learn to setup a business and aim to stay financially independent.

We offer this opportunity to all women in the Uk irrespective of their ethnic background and language barriers.

Here, we not only grow our business but help our peers do the same. Not just peers, each and every member build the basement of the organisation by carrying our vision in their hearts and inspire more women to follow their foot steps.

We will work as friends who truly care about each other.

Are you ready to join?

Together We Win!

This is how we help

The Power of Collaboration: Lifting Each Other Up

At our women’s entrepreneurship organisation, we believe in the transformative power of collaboration. When women come together, they create a supportive network that uplifts and empowers each other. We witness this firsthand.

Building a Strong Foundation: Free Knowledge, Mentorship and Certification

We offer a comprehensive suite of resources entirely free of charge. This includes knowledge sharing workshops, one-on-one mentoring programs and industry certifications. These resources equip women with the skills and confidence they need to navigate the business world.

Overcoming the Early Hurdle: Reducing Risk of Failure

The initial stages of starting a business are fraught with challenges, and the risk of giving up can be high. Our organisation acts as a safety net, providing guidance and support during this critical period. This helps women entrepreneurs persevere and build successful businesses.

Our Platform: Empowering Over 100 Women and Counting

We’ve already empowered over 100 women on their entrepreneurial journeys. Our platform provides the tools and support they need to overcome obstacles and turn their dreams into reality.

The Invitation: Join Our Community

If you’re a woman with a business idea or an existing venture, we welcome you to join our vibrant community with all free services. We’re here to guide you, celebrate your successes, and help you achieve your entrepreneurial goals. Together, let’s rewrite the statistics and make the UK a leader in women-owned businesses.

Meet Our Team

Board Members & Leaders

Helen Arlidge, Create crochet supporting women in business

Helen Arlidge

Create Crochet
Hub Leader - UK

Margaret Saunders - Jumaka Glass supporting women in business

Margaret Saunders

Jumaka Glass
Hub Leader - UK

Parnita Senjit, Author of Lil Leo Book, supporting women in business

Parnita Senjit

Lil' Leo - Pets Book Series
Board Member - UK

Copy of Untitled 16

Anne Ford

Anne's Inspirational Cards
Board Member - UK


Access Learning Resources


Champions of our Cause: Notable Supporters who Believe in our Mission

We are delighted to announce that Jennifer Cairns, the founder of The Lady Rebel Club, is featuring our esteemed members in her exclusive Roar Magazine. This incredible opportunity allows us to showcase the talents and achievements of our women entrepreneurs on a larger platform.

Roar Magazine featuring Ourlocalonline women entrepreneurs

Jennifer Cairns

Founder: The Lady Rebel Club
Editor: Roar Magazine

Jean-Pierre Raubenheimer

Jean-Pierre Raubenheimer

Strategic Finance Professional
Volunteer: Finance Advisor


Karthicraja Gopalakrishnan

AI - Thought Leader and Keynote Speaker

Listen to our members!

Untitled design 1

I am a handmade greetings card maker and during covid lockdowns was looking for outlets to sell them so joined this great group. Since joining l have received great support, motivation and learnt so much digital information which has enhanced my selling techniques.
The support has not just been for my cards but support for myself and family.
This is a great group to join which will help you to grow your business and from whete you will receive great support and make friendships.

Anne Ford

Anne's Inspirational cards
Untitled design 6

I would like to express great respect for Dr Logeswari Nallathambi. Her excellent work and extensive support reflects her vision for women with small businesses to become financially independent. I am from a medical background with no knowledge of business. Through extensive workshops, wonderful networking groups of talented women entrepreneurs, monthly events and guest pass all arranged by Dr Logeswari, I have grown and become more confident in myself and my business, because Ourlocalonline has reassured me I am not alone. My business Kavidas Services won business of the month and I won runners up in designing an advertisement for my business. Huge thanks and appreciation to Dr Logeswari 👏

KG Dass

Kavidas Services
Untitled design 8

Very supportive community of women entrepreneurs. With clear set goals and strategic learning. Lots of free valuable training on marketing and digital skills. The Adimn team is amazing.
The little whats app groups are invaluable.

Wofai Nnannah

Mary kay Uk Beauty Consultant
Untitled design 9

What a great inspiring and supportive community.

It was a real pleasure to judge the Canva Competion. The designs were all so unique to each individual business. Good luck with your ventures ladies ❤️

Annie Soiza, Guest Speaker

Align and Shine Designs
Untitled design 1 1

I would like to thank Dr Logeswari Nallathambi for awarding CreateCrochet as Business of the Month! for May 2022
Very exciting! Helen Arlidge 💜👏👏💜

Helen Arlidge, Business of the Month Winner

Create Crochet

If you want to grow and feel empowered by a team of successful and compassionate women who want you to succeed, you can have this experience right here with us. It is a real privilege to work and gain business experience together.

Dzvina Stepanyak

Music Castle

Thank you Our Local Online for the brilliant learning and networking opportunities that you give to us, women entrepreneurs!

Viva Andrada O'Flynn

Love Viva Cakes & Crafts
Untitled design 7

Ourlocalonline is an excellent online resource for any women in business .The facebook community , the coffee chat groups, the weekly updates and the monthly meetings help keep you on track, and the massive amount of online and digital learning help you in business . The immense collaboration and mutual support among members is amazing. I highly recommend Our Local online. Thanks.

Dr.Geeta Khubchandhani

Faith Homeopathy
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