The challenges for women entrepreneurs are many. Can we overcome them by working together? Yes, we can! Such is the power of unity, in front of which all hurdles tremble. A warm welcome.

Together we win

An organisation BY the women entrepreneurs FOR the women entrepreneurs

By mutually contributing, we maintain the services for FREE

The current ratio of women to men entrepreneurs in the UK is 1:4. What is the reason?

Generations of the human race have seen women as kind, generous and a representative of love on earth as a mother, wife, sister or a daughter. Inside each woman, there is an intense and immense strength to be successful and independent. 

Many women possess excellent skills, let it be baking, teaching, sports, arts & crafts, computing, politics, academics….. passion overflows in their heart. The desire to shape this passion to reality is pressing more so than ever. 

If so, Why are the women entrepreneurs less in number in the UK? What are the barriers that hinder reaching their goal? How do we work together to overcome what we realize as barriers? How do we shape our skills to a business and be independent? 

Join us to explore the answers to above questions and be a part of the solution. 

Together we win! 


Let us learn about the


What are the challenges to tackle, while you progress in business as a women entrepreneur?

How Women Entrepreneurs organisation is a solution to the challenges?

Our core value is working together
Our 4 pillars of Strength born out of core value

  • Together,we are the deepest knowledge pool and we learn digital skills and business strategies
  • Together, we have the collective marketing, networking and buying power for business growth
  •  Together, we have mentorship for soft skills, fitness, health and support system for social
  • Together, We have strong representative power to engage with ministers and influence policies

What do we get?

Our Services

All the services are volunteered by our members and ourlocalonline.com

Women Entrepreneurs! a warm welcome

Full-time, part-time, or be a hobbyist; we understand your challenges and help you reach your maximum potential.

Book services that you are interested

Facebook Collaboration

Our Facebook group is the main day to day discussion forum and all members are a part of the group:

  • Business posts
  • Motivational posts
  • Ask for Advice
  • Share ideas and opportunities
  • Like, follow, and share members businesses

Free Listing Directory

Listing your business gives your business the advantage of being featured on this webpage and enables

  • Other Members to learn about your business
  • Reaching potential customers including ourlocalonline market place customers

Best of Local Talk Show

Unique opportunity to be interviewed for ourlocalonline talk show by Mrs.Ewa Ndlovu, Vice President of a financial education company.

  • Help the local community to appreciate your business vision, passion, achievements, and communit services

Experts & Entrepreneurs Meeting

Occurs every last Wednesday of the month as Webinars or Live online conferences. This meeting is of high educational value and achieves networking, marketing and visibility for our member businesses.

  • Expert lecture on digital skills/Business Strategies
  • Discussion forum with Experts
  • One guest lecture on women wellbeing topics 
  • Opportunity for members to present their vision and services
  • The best presentations get featured on this page 
  • Supporters from the community join and learn members vision
  • The expert lectures get featured on our Learn with OLO educational platform

To present at the 30th June meeting

Next Meeting
30 June 6.30PM - 7.30PM


Copy of Copy of Every Women in the community can be an Influencer for a 2
Structuring a business, Right pricing, Perfect Delivery options, Marketing, Social Media, Selling, Customer management, Communication & Leadership skills…….at each level there is a lot to learn for running a successful business.
Join to learn and grow,
Free Registration
Join via Zoom

Digital Magazine: May 2021

Sales Events

Our members organize sales events by joining hands with each other Example: participating in Jumble trails, Hiring market stalls, organise festive events. By doing so, achieve a strong group advertising, sharing stalls to reduce cost and a great company for each other making it a great fun day and not just a sales event.
Shirley Jumble Trail June 2021
Front yard for the event was offered by a member living in Shirley. What a great achievement! Business from Bromley and Addiscombe took part in Shirley Jumble Trail  , just by working together. Such is the power of unity.

Image Gallery Of Previous Events


Our members contribute their skills, services, and knowledge as opportunities and training for other members and help growing their business.

Radio show

Wise Woman Guide

Mrs.Sally Anne Saint, Founder of Wise Woman Guide has been a role model to all of us and has offered her radio show opportunity for the month of May and June to our members.
She says “Wise Woman Radio is the space for sharing, sharing the wisdom that you dear woman have gained from your life experiences. You are the one who steps into your heart and listens to its beat. You are ready to share your journey, your heart and your voice to support and inspire other women.
I am a spiritual being, we all are , we are connected so deeply to others that when we understand this we can make such a difference to others. So share your story, share your wisdom.
Listen to previous shows and know you have the opportunity to be in this fantastic lineup of women supporting women”.

Would you like to be on the Radio Show?

Join as Influencers of women entrepreneurs !

Every woman in the community can be an influencer for a positive change. A change that has the power to make many women's dreams come true.... At ourlocalonline, influencers are the supporting pillars in creating many women-led businesses.
Would you like to know how?

Your simple actions can create the greatest impact:

  • FEEDBACK: The simplest way to support is to get to know our member’s businesses and give feedback. By helping them to create the right services, you maximize their success
  • RECOMMENDATION :Do you know your community trusts your words the most amongst all forms of recommendations? From our group, you may find valuable products and services locally
  • SOCIAL MEDIA SUPPORT: You can Like, share, and follow the entrepreneur’s social media posts.  Your opinion matters the most to women entrepreneurs
  • BUSINESS GROWTH INFLUENCER: You can create the greatest impact by sharing knowledge, skill, and opportunities for business growth.
Would you like to be our influencer? Join us in two simple steps:

Be Our Lead Influencer

Be a leader and make a change
Suitable from age 16 and above

Our Lead Influencers make the greatest impact by volunteering to lead key roles in the structural organisation and member’s business growth ideas.
They are the strongest influencers  helping the Organisation achieve it’s vision.

Certificate of Volunteering will be issued

Lead Influencers Role

Available Roles

To apply or to have more Information: Email: admin@ourlocalonline.com

Dzvina Profile Picture 2 3

If you want to grow and feel empowered by a team of successful and compassionate women who want you to succeed, you can have this experience right here with us. It is a real privilege to work and gain business experience together.


Ms.Dzvina Stepanyak

Founder of The Music Castle

video gallery

24th Mar: Expert & Entrepreneurs Meeting

8th March 2021: Happy Women's Day

24th Feb2021: Business to Business Talk

2020: A year of achievements

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