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Welcome Vendors!

Local Businesses are the top contributors to the UK economy and creators of local jobs. Many are unique, enviroonmental friendly, add local innovations, community focussed and inspire local entrepreneurship.

For over two decades, global technology giants in the retail business are competing with local businesses challenging their existence. Currently, the pandemic has been tough on many.

Our vision is to empower the local businesses by bringing them together on an advanced technology platform making them collectively stronger to grow and succeed.

Let us enable customers to shop at the local high street and home based businesses from the comfort of their home. Imagine that all the money  spent gets fed back into local businesses, rather than generating profits for large corporations!

We envision a future where more and more men and women, in particular, the younger generation,  step into the local business sector and initiate new businesses with unshakeable confidence.

Online Marketplace

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Sell online - marketplace

UK’s Businesses, both shop fronts / home based, can sell at the marketplace. Not just products but fixed price services & events. Benefit from the larger customer base in the marketplace.

Free online storefront

Create an online storefront with products and services for FREE. Update store opening hours, contact details and social media details

Free Shops Directory

If you choose not to sell online, simply create an online store front and it will get listed in our local shops directory, enabling you to reach customers locally.

sell via facebook

Connect your online store to your Facebook or Instagram Shop and enable buyers to check out via


Reach your local customers as a featured businesses on home page or video advertisement on homepage


Customer Satisfaction

Customer experience is the top priority for ourlocalonline. A very happy customer is an opportunity for all the vendors in the marketplace. Therefore vendors are expected to maintain the highest standard in interacting with the customers and meeting their needs.

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Why sell with us?

Low Fees, Clear costs

Register your business and list unlimited products for FREE. Pay a commission of 5% + 20p, only when you make a sale

we promote local

We promote selling locally and within the UK through 1) Online product catalogues 2) Promotional emails 3) Social media 4) Sales events 5) Digital Newsletters

Online Store Special Features

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Shop Branding

Add your Banner, Logo, Opening hours, Contact details, Social media details and biography.

Product variations & Personalisation

Can easily setup variations like colours, sizes for each product. Buyers can use the  “Order Notes” section for personalisation messages.

Products, services & events

You can set up not just products but all fixed price services, giftcards and events for selling online. Virtual products can be sold online.

Flexible shipping & Local pickup

There are variety of shipping options to suit your needs available: Local pickup option, free delivery or free above a set price, local delivery within set distance, various prices for various size products. 

verified vendor status

Store settings has address and phone ID verification to present as a credible vendor

Coupons & Discounts

Coupons can be issued from your store. Each product can be issued discount sale.

reviews & followers

Customers can write product reviews and follow the store they like

stock management

Inventory to manage the number of stock and avoid buying above the set limit

Video Guide to set up your store

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How to set up online store?

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How to set up Local pickup & Shipping Methods?

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How to add Products, Services & events?

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How to create variable products?

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Online Selling FAQs

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All you need to know about selling online at

Who can sell and what to sell?

All UK business owners, whether homebased or owning a shop front and self employed can sell online. All products, services and events can be sold.

Handmade and homemade items, food, Groceries, Arts and crafts items, Gifts, Stationaries, Tutors, Plumbers, Sports coaching, Kids classes, Beauty and wellbeing, Courses/workshops, Hall hiring, Cleaning, Gardening, Clothing, Dining, entertainer, all events etc

Yes. We register only UK based businesses as vendors. Our vision is to connect UK’s local businesses to their local customers. 

Ofcourse, you can. We have many homebased businesses on our site. Many business owners who sell handmade items in Etsy are registered with us. is an online market place like Amazon. The difference is, unlike Amazon, not just products but services and events can be sold online. The vendors are only UK based and this reduces the competition from global businesses.

Yes. Your online store with all your products and services be connected facebook shop and Instagram shop. It helps online shopping via social media.


All products, services and events can be sold online. 

Ofcourse, all types of services can be set up. All services should have a fixed price.

Options to create variable types of each service is available. Example, for music tutors, choices for 30 minutes lesson or one hour lesson OR one to one or group lessons can be created, to aid customers to choose. 

Getting quotes is not possible.


Yes. Discount and promotional offers can be issued on all products and services. Our site allows you to issue varieties of coupons specific to your store.

Certainly, your gift card can be set up as a product for your customer to buy online. Then it has to dispatched to them by post.

We have a category for used and second hand items.

All used and in good condition products can be sold online.

All local events hosted can be sold online, Including theatre shows, local church/ community events, birthday party entertainers, kids holiday sessions/camps etc.

Using variations creation option in online store, many options for tickets or fees can be set up for your event. See our vendor registration guide for further information.

Online selling can be set up in three steps:

1)Registration as a vendor

2) Setting up online store front

3) Adding your products or services.

We have online store setup guide which helps you understand each step in very simple fashion. It is easy and straightforward.

We provide support for vendors who feel the need and whats app based service team on 07841715301 will offer the support.

Fees, Refund, Delivery & Key questions

No. It is free to register your business and list any number of products and services. Pay only after making a sale.

Each transaction processed through will incur a total charge of 5% of the transaction value + 20p.

This charge includes the payment processing charges of the payment provider. 

The buyers pay directly to

After 14 days of order completion, you will be able to initiate withdrawal request from your vendor dashboard. For services and events, the withdrawal would be 14 days after completion of the service.

This is because our payment provider takes about 3 to 5 days plus we hold the fund for 14 days from the delivery date for statutory withdrawal reasons.

If the customer requested for return/ exchange then the fund will be held to enable this.

Minimum withdrawal amount is set to 5£ to minimise bank charges.

You must offer a refund if the customer has requested refund within 14 days of receiving their goods. They have another 14 days to return the goods in original condition.

You must refund the customer within 14 days of receiving the goods back.

Returns on perishable and made to order products are at the discretion of the vendor.

In stock products can be cancelled before dispatching. Once the order is shipped, it cannot be cancelled but customer may choose to return the order for refund.

Personalised items can not be cancelled as the items are made exclusively for the customer.

All prices displayed on the website should include VAT. Customers pay only for what they see, there are no hidden or last minute charges.

No. does not provide delivery assistance. The delivery should be organised by each vendor.


Yes. Local pick up option can be set up for your customer to choose.

Many homebased bakers, prefer their cakes to be collected than delivered.  We have the choice of local pickup setting option for similar vendors.

Choices of free delivery, paid delivery and local pick up can be set up in your online store for your customers to choose.

No. We allow shipping within the UK only.

Yes. It will be your brand and your business that you sell online. is only the online market place.

Yes and it’s free. We welcome all local businesses to list their business under local shops with their online store page details. It helps customers to find the services in their locality.

No fees or charges involved. Simply register as a vendor and fill your store settings details in vendor dashboard. Your online store page will be available under local shops.

Just skip the part of adding any products or services.

Featuring your business on the front page of is a great way to connect to your customers.

Link to buy this service and for more details:

Free Listing in shops Directory

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Step by step Video Guide

There is a digital rift between communities who want to support local businesses and the effective means for them to do so. 

The shops directory is created to help local customers easily find the local businesses/homebased businesses and services available.

List your business in ourlocalonline shops directory for free.

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Key Tips for Online Selling

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We suggest that you research how products similar to yours are priced in the market and read review comments from their customers. Find out how much the market is willing to pay for the product and then accordingly choose your ingredients. Research shows that new customers focus on low price while recurrent customers focus on quality, so ideally your pricing strategy cater both their needs.

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We prefer photos taken with white background to make it blend with other vendor photos in the marketplace. Good lighting is key to good photography and ensure there is no reflection from the photos. To achieve a smooth, clean background choose a seamless paper roll to run behind your product. Upload smaller size images so that they are loaded faster when viewed. Fast loading is an important need for better user experience.

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Search engine optimisation is a process of optimising your store front and and your product information such that they can be found in the internet search such as in google or bing search. Add the product names and description such that they can be found in specific keyword search. Also when you upload images for product, please do add the product names against the images. This will help your product be found or your product is displayed with the correct images in google search. 

search engine optimization, seo, digital marketing


Delivery cost, just like the other business expenses, it’s a cost you need to consider when setting the price of your product.Deciding the delivery pricing structure is part of your overall business strategy. If your delivery strategy includes free delivery, you may consider adjusting your item prices to recover delivery costs. We suggest that you put yourself in the shoes of the customer and also if possible ask potential buyers how much would they pay for delivery before deciding the cost. Showing estimated delivery ranges on your product information will help deliver a great customer experience for your shoppers.

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Product Description

Provide the product description such that it evokes an idea in the customer mind for why should they be buying this item. If the item is a gift then tell what type of person would love such a gift. it may help them to relate it to that person and help them to make a faster decision to buy your product. Think about how/ if your product evoke certain emotions? Tell what’s so great about your product.

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