Small Group Networking

Are you looking for a steady & fast
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You are at the right place! A robust and efficient way of working together to achieve business growth by women entrepreneurs.

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Essential Documents

Self Appraisal Form

Your monthly self-appraisal form. Filling this every month helps you to stay focused on areas to improve and where you need support for your growth. 

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Leader's Checklist

A checklist for the leader of the group.

Would you like to organise a sales event for your group?


Coffee Chat Group

Members can jointly organize sales Events: It could be – participating in Jumble trails, hiring stalls at a marketplace, hosting a festive event, or participating in the organization’s sales events. 

Please email: to inform the organization and we will offer you guidance and promotional support. 


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Top Performing Group

Are you ready to support others?

How can you support?

To apply for a leadership role or have more info on how to support: Email:

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Talk show Application Form
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Women Entrepreneurs Application Form
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