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Are you looking for a steady & fast business growth?

12 women joining hands on a 24/7 Whats app chat forum and establishing the best momentum to progress in business. This is a sponsored program and offered free to selected women who are hard working and keen to succeed.

So what are the two key elements to success?


Yes, Collaboration is the generator of the key success codes.

Robust Action

We need two hands for clapping and non-stop action is vital

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What do you achieve?

To be successful a successful business owner, you need a multitude of skills than the craftsmanship that you are perfect at. The focus of the hub is in helping women achieve the key business growth factors by setting up a friendly positive collaboration platform. It is safe to fail here and no pressure to put a smiling face at all times like on social media. A genuine mutual support to grow your business.

100% Positive Mindset

A steady state of mind is the one that can drive forward and you will aim for 100" positivity.

Business Planning

A clear annual planning broken down to monthly & weekly targets to stay focus

Business Learning

Sharing knowledge, ideas, learning resources and regular learning events

Find Opportunities

Sharing business growth opportunities like market details, finances, networking etc

Social Media Support

Likes and shares of social media posts by members everyday


Robustly recommending each other to potential customers

Mutual Buying

Ofcourse, buying from each other when in need is amazing

Constructive Feedback

Asking for true feedback to reflect and improve on our services & products

Have Fun

Many members say that the hubs are like an online family for them

Members' Essential Documents


There is a structure to how the hub functions on a daily basis and how the progress is tracked every week. Please take a look at the member’s guide to understand in detail.

Members' Guide Booklet

Self Appraisal Form

Leaders' Guide Booklet

Leaders' Weekly Report

Leaders' Monthly Report


Awards & Trophies

Here is a video of the presentation of Business Growth Hub achievments at the Experts & Entrepreneurs Meeting in April 2022

Best Achieving Hub Trophy

Every month one hub will receive the best achieving trophy

Business of the Month

A high achieving entrepreneur receives the Business of the month award.

2022 Winners

Leadership Role

Leadership is a vital skill to succeed and to influence your team and customers. All the 12 members will take a rotational monthly leadership role. The leaders will receive a certificate on completion of the role. The best leader will receive an award every month. One best leader gets to receive the ” Empowering women entrepreneurship” Award end of the year.

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What Our Members Say

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I am a handmade greetings card maker and during covid lockdowns was looking for outlets to sell them so joined this great group. Since joining l have received great support, motivation and learnt so much digital information which has enhanced my selling techniques.
The support has not just been for my cards but support for myself and family.
This is a great group to join which will help you to grow your business and from whete you will receive great support and make friendships.

Anne Ford
Anne's Inspirational cards
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I would like to express great respect for Dr Logeswari Nallathambi. Her excellent work and extensive support reflects her vision for women with small businesses to become financially independent. I am from a medical background with no knowledge of business. Through extensive workshops, wonderful networking groups of talented women entrepreneurs, monthly events and guest pass all arranged by Dr Logeswari, I have grown and become more confident in myself and my business, because Ourlocalonline has reassured me I am not alone. My business Kavidas Services won business of the month and I won runners up in designing an advertisement for my business. Huge thanks and appreciation to Dr Logeswari πŸ‘

KG Dass
Kavidas Services
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Very supportive community of women entrepreneurs. With clear set goals and strategic learning. Lots of free valuable training on marketing and digital skills. The Adimn team is amazing.
The little whats app groups are invaluable.

Wofai Nnannah
Mary kay Uk Beauty Consultant
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What a great inspiring and supportive community.

It was a real pleasure to judge the Canva Competion. The designs were all so unique to each individual business. Good luck with your ventures ladies ❀️

Annie Soiza, Guest Speaker
Align and Shine Designs
Untitled design 1 1

I would like to thank Dr Logeswari Nallathambi for awarding CreateCrochet as Business of the Month! for May 2022
Very exciting! Helen Arlidge πŸ’œπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’œ

Helen Arlidge, Business of the Month Winner
Create Crochet
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