Learn with OLO

Digital skills and Business Strategies learning institution
for small business owners

Skills you will learn

  • Marketing Strategies
  • Sales Strategies
  • Social Media Marketing: Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, Twitter, You Tube, Tiktok
  • Digital Tools usage: Marketing videos, Digital Posters, Digital Catalog
  • Google My Business
  • Branding 
  • Use of Website and SEO
  • Customer Relation Maintenance Tools
  • Online market place selling
  • Communication
  • Leadership

Group Workshop : Online, Interactive and Hands-on

Learn Digital Skills that boost your sales.

  • Led by experts
  • Free Digital Tools: Eg: Canva.com and Flipsnack
  • No previous digital experience required
  • Certificate of completion issued
  • One week post-course support
  • Free for ourlocalonline registered businesses
Digital Marketing Workshop Instagram Post
How to Make an Engaging Marketing Video?

To book Free, use coupon code: VISION

Digital Marketing Workshop Instagram Post 2
How to design interactive business E-catalog Flip book?

To book Free, use coupon code: VISION3

Digital Marketing Workshop Instagram Post 1
How to Design Animated Facebook Poster using Logo/Brand Colours?

To book Free, use coupon code: VISION4

Digital Marketing Workshop Instagram Post
How to set up Mailchimp for email marketing?

26 Feb 2022, 2PM-5PM

Digital Marketing Workshop Instagram Post 1
How to Design the Best Facebook/ Instagram Poster using Canva.com? - Beginner Level

To book Free, use coupon code: VISION2


Experience the motivating and engaging learning offered by business experts 


Digital Upskilling and learning business strategies are essential to succeed


All attendees will receive a certificate of completion or attendance

Study at Your Own Pace

Boost Your Business by Learning Skills That Matter

Occurs every last Wednesday of the month as Webinars or Live online Meetings. This meeting is of high educational value and achieves networking, marketing, and visibility for women entrepreneurs. Free Registration.

Next Meeting: 29 Sep 6.30PM

Top Tips
From Experts

Videos of top tips on digital skills and business strategies for snall business growth, from the Experts in that speciality.


Learn Every Day

Video Guide

A collection of videos guiding on essential digital skills and  business strategies for small business owners.

Learn with OLO
For Small Business owners
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Small Business Success Tips

From Entrepreneur's Experience

Listen to the experience of entrepreneurs and them sharing their wisdom. What could be a better learning than learning from other’s experiences?

Learn At Leisure

UK Small Businesses Magazine is released 6 monthly and has highly advanced digital features offering a unique reading experience. We highly recommend reading it on a computer/Ipad to enjoy the animations. Focusing on all key topics and business updates for small scale entrepreneurship

Watch at leisure our collection of excellent videos of business experts top tips and valuable insights from experienced entrepreneurs

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Trusted by many Small Business Owners

Great experience doing video making workshop with OLO! Logeswari made sure everyone understood every step. She gave her 100% attention to each individual and made it seamless and smooth. Easy to use app! Certainly recommend it.
P.Senjit: Artist
It was a great experience to do the workshop with OLO. The apps is free and the key tools are very easy to use. The greatest part was the mentor Logeswari is soooo patient and kind enough to explain all the things very briefly and clearly until its understandable to all.
S.Subha: Oasis Dream Vale
Video making course was brilliant, with not much digital experience, I’m so happy that I created a video for my company, also the mentor DR Logeswari was calm and patient as I had no clue of what I was doing.
P.York: Rosewell Natural Health Clinic
Video making course was amazing. Loge guidance was good and helped at each stage to make sure everyone understood the process. I would recommend this course to any small business.
M Jeyarathnasingham: Puravi Ceylon Tea

24th July Workshop on Canva.com

What a fantastic Workshop!
A huge Thank you to Mrs.Sarah Hall, Director at ZWCreate for taking the time and effort to offer such an amazing detailed 2 1/2 hours workshop on Canva, a digital tool very useful in making Facebook posters.

What We're All About

“We envision a local business sector, well equipped with the power of knowledge to grow strong and to stay strong in the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution”

About Us

The fast pace of science and technology has become hard to keep up with, in the modern world. With everyday advances in digital business solutions, we felt it is vital for for small business owners to understand and learn these skills to sustain and succeed. Evergreen golden standards of business strategies from business experts and learning the wealth of experience from successful entrepreneurs are like magic wands to create a successful business. How do we bring this wealth of knowledge available to the local business sector?

Learn with OLO is born out of this mission to upskill entrepreneurs on digital skills and business strategies

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