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In today’s world of the 4th Industrial Revolution, it’s essential for startups and established businesses alike to stay up-to-date and well-equipped with the latest knowledge to grow and thrive. That’s why we offer three valuable learning resources to keep you on top of your game:


UK Small Businesses Magazine

Six monthly magazines filled with in-depth articles, expert insights, and practical advice to help you navigate the ever-changing business landscape

Business Learning
You Tube Videos

Weekly YouTube videos covering a range of topics from marketing and sales to financial management and more.

Understanding Sustainability

Monthly special sustainability videos to help you build a business that not only drives profits but also contributes to a better world

Startups Guide
You Tube Videos


Learn the golden standard business strategies for a successful startup from the business experts and experienced entrepreneurs.

Small business is an opportunity and a hope for our younger generation and for many women at home. Let us protect it and prosper it.

7 Step
Business planning

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Starting a business requires simple structuring prior to executing services. A 7-step approach to writing a neat business plan for a small-scale business, helping startups to launch confidently.

Read at Leisure to stay ahead in the business world. Suitable for Startups, growing & established businesses

Video Series

The sustainability club is an educational platform for small business owners to learn how to Go Green and Net Zero. Sustainability is our future and to be the first move business in this area, you will need to first understand sustainability in depth.

Join the club to get a monthly learning video sent to your email. 

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Trusted by many Startups

I've just attended a workshop held as part of the Our Local Online education program: Pitch it powerfully by Claire Owen. Claire shared a whole range of tips and techniques which will be invaluable for any entrepreneur who wants to promote their mission via the media. So many golden nuggets for us to choose from. An excellent workshop - thank you so much.
Margaret Saunders - Jumaka Glass
Amazing workshop yet again. Thank you so much, I am now capable of doing things that I never thought were possible without hiring others. 100% recommend
Helen Bowler - Memories Box
A great fun and informal session on how to use lots of different effects in Canva to help in your business marketing. I had a basic knowledge of the app, but this taught me lots of new tips and tricks that I can't wait to try out on my business ads!
AJ Harman - Outside The Box
Untitled design (5)
Today I joined the video marketing workshop by the end of the session I had created a video to promote my service and I have a head full of ideas to create more. Thank you
Claire Louise Owen - Thesoberholic.com
Great experience doing video making workshop with OLO! Logeswari made sure everyone understood every step. She gave her 100% attention to each individual and made it seamless and smooth. Easy to use app! Certainly recommend it.
P.Senjit: Artist
It was a great experience to do the workshop with OLO. The apps is free and the key tools are very easy to use. The greatest part was the mentor Logeswari is soooo patient and kind enough to explain all the things very briefly and clearly until its understandable to all.
S.Subha: Oasis Dream Vale
Video making course was brilliant, with not much digital experience, I’m so happy that I created a video for my company, also the mentor DR Logeswari was calm and patient as I had no clue of what I was doing.
P.York: Rosewell Natural Health Clinic
Video making course was amazing. Loge guidance was good and helped at each stage to make sure everyone understood the process. I would recommend this course to any small business.
M Jeyarathnasingham: Puravi Ceylon Tea

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