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High Street UK - 2022

In this Talkshow series, High Street Business owners are sharing their vision, passion, love for their local community, and how they have withstood the COVID-19 pandemic. Join us in the mission of flourishing our High Street.

Women Entrepreneurs UK- 2021

In this Talk show series, Women entrepreneurs who have started with innovative business ideas in 2020 are sharing their entrepreneurial journey and their passionate work towards success

Light & Shine Ltd, Bromley, UK

Listen to How two Bromley-based young entrepreneurs have used innovation to grow their small business! Summer-Jade Greenway and Misha Alderman-wright , two friends with a love of crafts and a vision to run their own business have started Light and Shine Ltd to take their passion for crafts to the world.

Bhoday Estate Agency, London

Listen to how a Local London Estate Agency stands out in a tough market: Ourlocalonline Talkshow. Victoria & Justin Bhoday Bespoke Estate Agent - Keller Williams as a special guest with Ewa Ndlovu in Ourlocalonline Talkshow.


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Meet Ewa Ndlovu

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