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Local businesses are the backbone of the UK's economy

A mission for a positive change

Local businesses create job opportunities, many are unique, add amazing innovations to the market, act as inspiration for young entrepreneurship, and more environmental friendly than the retail giants.

It is a hope for our younger generation and a tool to uplift many women at home who have amazing skill sets that lie dormant wishing for a chance.

Over the last two decades, many businesses are forced to compete with technology giants that have entered into the retail business.  Small businesses are struggling to compete and are closing down with significant fallout on the UK economy and regional communities.  We believe that while the technology giants have a key role to play in the economy, a good balance of local and global businesses is vital for our community and future generations.

Not just the competition from retailers but the recent COVID-19 lockdown and the current energy crisis have put many businesses' existence into query.

The fast paced digital world and its robust developments that serve big businesses have also lagged the growth of many independent small businesses that struggle with swift digital adaptation and the financial investments required for this.

Despite the challenges, how can we prosper independent businesses?

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Our prime focus is to learn the challenges that hinder the progress of independent businesses in the UK and formulate solutions to overcome them.
Local Business Advertising

Creating consistent local presence with an effective and cost-effective advertising platform. Currently active in Croydon

Empowering UK women entrepreneurs and inspiring more women to undertake business via an online organisation

Enabling the key knowledge required to thrive in the 4th industrial revolution as a small business owner: Free resources

Meet Our Team

Dr.Logeswari Jeyaraj Nallathambi
MBBS, MRCP (UK), FRCPath (Haematology)
Kings College Hospital, London
Consultant Haematologist, NHS UK: 2005 - 2019
CEO: Ourlocalonline.com: 2019 - Present
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CEO & Founder
"The struggling sustainability of small businesses in an era of fast-paced internet habits is an imbalance I have chosen to work on "

I have walked through my medical career from an inadequately equipped primary health center in rural India to the generously funded Kings college hospital in the UK, well renowned for research and trial treatments.

In the UK, we are highly privileged when compared to many parts of the world, to have access to advanced medical facilities and it made me realise even “hope” is not for everyone in this world.

I see the same divide between global internet corporations and local businesses when it comes to using advanced technology to make their business and services successful.

There were 5.8 million small businesses at the start of 2019 and 50% of them are at risk of closure due to competition from global corporations. SMEs account for three-fifths of the employment and around half of the turnover in the UK private sector therefore it is critical for all of us that independent businesses flourish.

It is in this inequality, I found a purpose to pursue a new path; decided to leave my Consultant Haematology job at NHS.

The struggling sustainability of small businesses in an era of fast-paced internet habits is an imbalance I have chosen to work on.

Large technology companies like Amazon have isolated us from our community, although we cannot deny that they have provided the convenience of easy online shopping. As a result, we are less interactive with our locality and less aware of its unique offerings. The human touch in our interaction is fading.

My vision is to develop an online technology platform that integrates community, engages the younger generation, and promotes independent businesses and trades with a human touch.


K Gopalakrishnan

Technology Expert & Mentor

Entrepreneur, designer & technologist. Experienced technologist in the IT industry with over 20 years of experience designing advanced solutions for many large scale IT problems.


Bibek Borah

Technology Expert & Mentor

Multi Cloud/ Full Stack solution architect with over two decades of diversified experience in Banking, Financial Services, retail and Telecommunications industries in the UK.

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Anne Ford

Board member
UK Women Entrepreneurs Organisation

Owner: Anne's Inspirational Cards

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Jennifer Cairns

Leadership Academy Lead
UK Women Entrepreneurs Organisation

Founder: The Lady Rebel Club UK

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Parnita Senjit

Co-Founder: Business Growth Hub
UK Women Entrepreneurs Organisation

Pets book Author: Lil' Leo Book Series


Ewa Ndlovu

Board Member
UK Women Entrepreneurs Organisation

Ourlocalonline Talkshow Host

We envision to bring sophisticated technology solutions in various aspects that will expand the independent businesses sector, inspire innovations and encourage  younger generation to confidently step into the business world.
Local Business Advertising
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